Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance

A Hole Paving believes in offering the finest asphalt restoration services in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee areas. We embody four core values in all of our projects, which provides a solid foundation for the consistent delivery of high-quality pavement solutions: Attitude, Integrity, Understanding Objectives, and Communication.


A good attitude is the fuel that drives success, both on an individual level as well as a corporate level. Maintaining a consistent can-do attitude is the most important tool that can be used to overcome obstacles and ensure consistent quality.

Every project presents its own unique problems and obstacles. Everyone on staff is trained to deal with these unique circumstances head on and with the intent to provide the best possible solution for the client. Interactions with on-site store managers, and their clientele are conducted in a professional manner always with an open-minded understanding of their specific concerns.


Integrity is the enablement of trust.

We do what we say we'll do and we do it right. Maintaining a high degree of integrity is the only way to evolve our client relationships into the trusting, long-lasting partnerships that our mission statement demands.

Understanding Objectives

Each project is unique and no two jobs can be viewed the same way. As a property owner or manager, you have specific management objectives, operating budget, and project expectations that collectively must be considered when determining the best solution set for any given project.

Taking the extra time to understand your specific objectives and expectations enables us to create the best possible solutions for your situation.


Maintaining open and honest communication with clients is the best mechanism to ensure that the completed project fully meets or exceeds expectations.

Our staff will take whatever time is required to walk you through the recommended options for a project and ensure that all aspects and rationale for the recommendation are understood so that you can make the most logical decision that best suits your specific needs.

As situational circumstances change we make every effort to ensure timely communication to clients to revisit objectives and action plans.

Our field supervisors are trained to interact with tenants in a professional and constructive manner. They will work directly with store managers and other tenant management in an attempt to keep them informed on project status and to reduce the inconveniences of each project.


Our entire staff has been hand selected to consist of the very best, most productive experts in the industry. Each employee exhibits a high degree of these core values. Collectively they implement the absolute highest quality solutions in the industry. Come and partner with us today!

Advantage Tri-Seal is the leading local asphalt maintenance company in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area. Since 1986 we have been helping businesses and homeowners throughout the state to protect, preserve and beautify their asphalt parking lots, parking garages and driveways.

We at Advantage Tri-Seal treat every parking lot, parking garage and home as if it were our own. Our company uses only commercial grade materials which helps provide the best appearance, protection and overall results. We are the Middle Tennessee sealcoat professionals with the experience to provide you the best prices without compromising service or quality. We also adhere to all state requirements by holding the required license and maintaining current insurance.